Wednesday, September 14, 2011

San Jose Bankruptcy Lawyer: Effect of filing Bankruptcy and your credit score

San Jose, Bay Area California: Many debtors worry about their credit scores when considering bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy will affect your credit if you have good credit and you are current with your debt obligations. However, if you are late in your payments and considering filing bankruptcy, then your credit are probably not so great now.

Therefore, filing the right kind of bankruptcy with an experienced attorney and starting fresh may eventually help to clear up your debts. You can start to re establish your credit after bankruptcy with secured credit card from local banks and smaller department stores.  Some debtors start with purchasing a car and making payments on time. The interest rates may be high at the beginning but will eventually get lower if you maintain a good payment habit.

The Law Office of Geoffrey Nwosu in San Jose California will help you determine the right kind of bankruptcy to minimize your financial problems. They can be reached at 408-912-5983 or

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