Friday, September 23, 2011

San Jose Car Accident caused by a Deer

San Jose man in critical condition following I-280 accident

Daniel Strickland, 27, was driving a 2011 Volkswagen south on Highway 280 at about 8:10 p.m. Thursday when he hit the deer north of Alpine Road, the report said. About a minute after the collision, a 2006 Audi driven by Christopher Librie of Mountain View slammed into the back of Strickland's car as it sat stationary in the No. 2 lane.
Librie, who was driving about 65 mph, told the CHP he didn't see Strickland's car.
Strickland wasn't wearing his seat belt at the time of the second collision and was taken to Stanford Hospital with major head trauma, according to the report. Librie suffered minor injuries.

The collision is under investigation and it wasn't known Friday whether drugs or alcohol were a factor, the report said. No arrests have been made.
The CHP is asking anyone who witnessed the crash to call 650-369-6261 ext. 350.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

San Jose: Car Accident resulted to death in Bay Area California

 Woman killed in Palo Alto car crash

As posted on 09/15/2011 by Jason Green, a reporter with Palo Alto Daily News, a 78-year-old woman was killed in a car crash Wednesday afternoon in Palo Alto, authorities said.
The woman was driving north on Foothill Expressway, one mile south of Arastradero Road, at about 2 p.m. when she left the roadway and struck a tree, police spokeswoman Sandra Brown said.
Firefighters at the scene determined the woman was suffering from a traumatic heart attack, according to Battalion Chief Chris Woodard. She was unresponsive with a weak pulse and died as crews worked to extricate her from the wreck.
The Palo Alto Police Department's Special Traffic Accident Reconstruction team is investigating the crash.
Police encouraged anyone with information about the collision to call 650-329-2413."

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Filing Bankruptcy is not just for low income people

San Jose, Bay Area California: More middle class families file for bankruptcy

As reported in USA Today, a new study by Elizabeth Warren, Harvard Law School Leo Gottlieb professor of law, and Deborah Thorne, Ohio University associate professor of sociology, finds that personal bankruptcy has become a largely middle-class phenomenon led by filers who are college-educated and owners of homes. According to the study, "The Vulnerable Middle Class: Bankruptcy and Class Status," the shift occurred even before the Great Recession.
More than 100,000 middle-class families filed for personal bankruptcy every month in 2007, says the report, which was provided to USA TODAY but will be released in a book next year. Those who filed in 2007 were in worse financial shape than those who had filed in 2001.
"The bankruptcy filings are a warning about the risks now facing middle-class Americans," says Warren, chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel on the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). No longer can they count on a college education, a good job and home ownership to protect them from financial collapse.

There are increase in the number of people with college degrees who file bankruptcy 

The current situation of our economy have resulted to an increase in the number of middle income families filing bankruptcy. Most of these middle income families have college degrees.  The foreclosure and mortgage problems in San Jose, Gilroy, Oakland, Tracy and Antioch area helped to make the financial situation for most people worst. Some financial analyst claim that the problem is not yet over in the Bay Area. Bankruptcy attorney and lawyer, Geoffrey C. Nwosu have helped many middle class income families file bankruptcy in northern California. You can reach the Law Office of Geoffrey C. Nwosu at 408-912-5983 or

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

San Jose Bankruptcy Lawyer: Effect of filing Bankruptcy and your credit score

San Jose, Bay Area California: Many debtors worry about their credit scores when considering bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy will affect your credit if you have good credit and you are current with your debt obligations. However, if you are late in your payments and considering filing bankruptcy, then your credit are probably not so great now.

Therefore, filing the right kind of bankruptcy with an experienced attorney and starting fresh may eventually help to clear up your debts. You can start to re establish your credit after bankruptcy with secured credit card from local banks and smaller department stores.  Some debtors start with purchasing a car and making payments on time. The interest rates may be high at the beginning but will eventually get lower if you maintain a good payment habit.

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Filing Bankruptcy is not just for ordinary people

Saab files for bankruptcy

As posted by Louise Nordstrom of Associated Prees dated 09/07/2011, the owner of cash-strapped carmaker Saab filed for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday in a last-ditch attempt to salvage a brand crippled by production stoppages, withheld salary payments and mounting debt.
Swedish Automobile, formerly known as Spyker Cars, said the move would buy it time to receive funding from Chinese investors, currently awaiting regulatory approval, and avoid bankruptcy.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

San Jose Bankruptcy news/Blog: Effect of Bankruptcy on a local Bay Area Community.

Diamond Palace closes after bankruptcy

FREMONT -- A Centerville district banquet hall that has hosted Afghan diplomats and countless weddings is shuttered while the landlord looks for a new tenant.
The Diamond Palace, formerly named the Flamingo Palace, went out business last month after its operator, Omar Amerie, filed for bankruptcy.
Amerie, who still owns the Afghan Village restaurant in Newark, blamed the poor economy for the closure and wouldn't talk further about the business he ran for several years.
The venue on Peralta Boulevard, in the heart of a largely Afghan business district, oozes nostalgia for Fremont's large Afghan-American community members, many of whom grew up going to weddings there.
"It was a very important cultural center for us," said Rona Popal, executive director of the Afghan Network, which has held events at the venue.
Farhad Azad, founder of Afghan Magazine, said he used to go to the venue to see touring Afghan musicians and to attend weddings.
"It was like the place to get married," he said.
Large weddings, often with more than 500 people, are part of traditional Afghan culture, so Afghan-Americans in the Bay Area often have opted for halls that could accommodate large crowds and provide traditional food.
In Fremont, the Flamingo Palace grabbed much of that business, with Afghan operators that catered to the community. Even the interior had sculptures resembling the fanciest hotel in Kabul. "It was a little bit of Vegas
and a little bit of Kabul," Azad said.
The venue has hosted leading Afghan political figures, including former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah. Nearly 1,000 Afghan-American community members from throughout the Bay Area convened there shortly after 9/11 to elect community spokesmen.
The banquet hall, which has a capacity of nearly 1,000, was owned and operated for years by David Siddiq, who also owns the nearby Center Theater. But nearly a decade ago, Siddiq sold it to the Tree of Life Lords Harvest Christian Church, which later leased the space to Amerie.
Diane Chang, a church board member, said the church recently had lowered rent for Amerie in hopes of helping him survive the recession, but was caught off-guard when he filed for bankruptcy.
"We feel very badly for him," she said. "We know he worked really hard to make the business work." The bankruptcy proceedings have complicated the church's effort to find a new operator for the banquet hall, which includes two party rooms.
It's unclear whether people who had booked weddings before the bankruptcy have gotten their deposits returned to them.
Zarmina Wahid, who co-owns the Century House and Gardens, another Centerville district banquet hall, said she had gotten several inquiries from people scrambling to find a venue for their weddings.
Wahid also said she was considering trying to lease the smaller party room at the Diamond Palace, which is bigger and better able to host large Afghan weddings than the Century House.
There are still several East Bay banquet halls that host a lot of Afghan weddings, including Mission Paradise in Hayward and Canyon View Dining Hall in San Ramon, said Masood Sattari, of the Society of Afghan Professionals.
The Fremont Marriott also has become a popular location for Afghan weddings, Sattari said.
Azad questioned whether a banquet hall that relied heavily on Afghan-American events still was viable.
He said many of the musicians who used to come to Fremont now are getting booked at more traditional music venues in San Francisco.
He also said Afghan satellite television has kept more people in their homes and that the younger generation is having smaller weddings.
"It's kind of sad to see that place go," he said.

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